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How to Attract New and More Clients into Your Business: The Three Secrets to Client Attraction!

Aug 14, 2021

Are you doing all the right actions to create traffic and engagement but no one is asking to work with you?

Are you feeling frustrated that no one is signing up for your free discovery calls or signing up for your lead magnets?

I feel you - all new coaches and healers go through this period, it’s part of the journey. This blog will give you the three secrets to attracting and new clients into your business!

First of all, don't fall into the trap of self doubt. You are a gifted coach or healer. Your talents and skills are not the issue. The issue is that your ideal clients are distracted by all the messages on social media and they don't realise that they need to change their current trajectory to get to the outcome that they want.

So here are the three secrets to cutting through the noise of social media to connect with them:

Secret to client attraction #1: FOCUS

When you FOCUS on a targeted audience you create a magnetic pull to that audience. And by focus, go from your wide target demographic to a specific demographic. If you have three targeted audiences in general, choose one for the offer or campaign. For example if you want to offer career coaching for women and have three target audiences: mom's returning to the workforce, women in their 30s wanting to fast-track their career, and women in their 30-40s who want to transition into a different industry or career - you cannot create a campaign that speaks to all their needs, pain points and problems effectively to convert them into clients. It will be too generic and feel to them like you're just marketing. Focus on one target audience for each different campaign.

Secret to client attraction #2: BE SPECIFIC

Now that you've identified your target audience, create specific messaging identifying their unique priorities, pains, vision and desired outcome.Create an ideal client avatar and know deeply their psychographics. This should be shown in your hashtag strategy and engagement strategy around the post. You can' start with either their desired future or the pain in their current state, but always include the outcome that your offer will give them. 

Secret to client attraction #3: â€‹RECIPROCITY

Give value, your expertise and experience first before asking for anything in return. This is where educational lead magnets come into your marketing strategy and plan. Give tremendous value for free, be generous with your knowledge and time. Have you ever clicked on a free lead magnet and it's a one pager with really little value? Did you sign up for further offerings with that coach? No, right! That's because they were stingy with their offerings and made a beige first impression. You want to wow them with your generosity! Give a lot value to them and then invite them to become involved with you through an offer or program. 

Next steps

You also need to energetically align and connect with your target audience. And you need to release any negative or limiting beliefs that are blocking you from success.
Check out my latest YouTube video to help you release whatever is energetically or emotionally stopping you from success and attract more clients into your business. or DM me on instagram @penelopejanejones to set up a FREE Mindset release session to clear any negative blocks or limiting beliefs and then powerfully reprogram your mind and energy to be magnetic to your ideal clients! 

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