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How To Attract More Paying Clients Into Your Coaching Business

Aug 14, 2021

 Are you a coach struggling to find and connect ideal clients? Are you frustrated with posting all the time on social media but no one responds?

Are you wanting to change your paradigm and attract your ideal, paying client to you easily?

Well in today’s blog, I’m going to give you the three keys to attracting, converting and retaining your ideal clients.

1st Mistake – Being Generic and Not Specific. 

The Number One mistake new Coaches make is being generic and not specific with their products, services, courses or offer! 

Even when I started out as a Coach, I remember that I just promoted my "coaching services". There was no clear Sales Funnel, no lead magnets, no method to build Know, Like And Trust. And many, many, many Coaches make this same mistake. If you are generic about your offer, who your ideal client is and generic about outcomes/results then you will NOT attract new paying clients into your business.

So the first key is getting very specific with your offer. It needs to solve a specific problem for your specific clients or target audience, with specific outcomes. Ask yourself: are you offering a more general or specific offer? It’s like nicheing, the more niched or targeted your offer is, the more successful your offer will be.

2nd Mistake - Not having a Sales and Marketing plan for your specific offer

The second biggest mistake Coaches make is they don’t create a specific Sales and Marketing plan for your specific offer.

If you don't have a specific Sales and Marketing Plan, then you won't have created a Sales Funnel to build Know, Like and Trust for your ideal client. People need to be warmed up, nurtured and cared for before they trust you enough to buy from you. If you don't deliberately plan and then take action to warm up your leads and prospect, and plan their journey into your specific offer - you won't get the results you want.

You need to create lead generation strategy, how you will generate new clients or traffic to your social media accounts, sales pages or website. This is when you need both organic and paid advertising for the fastest and best results. And if you are using paid advertising, then you need to have a certain level of expertise or training in setting it up successfully, or you won’t get the return in investment you need.

The Third Mistake - Not upskilling your own personal Sales skills.

Sales can be a dirty word for a lot of people. I hated sales and thought it was manipulation and it didn’t sit well with me. But then I learnt how to do Sales with integrity and everything changed. If you are generating a lot of traffic and engagement but people aren’t signing up to work with you and paying you … you have a conversion problem. And the answer is personal Sales training to turn yourself into a Sales Ninja.

You need to feel comfortable and have confidence to have conversations with propspects or leads (whether through a Sales call, DM or Messenger). This will increase your conversion rates and capture as many prospects/leads into paying clients as possible. This is how you attract and convert new paying clients into your business.

Now these three areas take time to learn and master. If you are having problems with any of these three issues, then DM me  arrange a free business strategy session to give you the knowledge and skills you need to attract more paying clients, or to create a kick-ass marketing plan for your amazing and specific offer, or to give you new sales skills so that you can increase your conversion rates. I also have free trainings on this topic that I can refer you to if that's a better fit. So please DM on Instagram @penelopejanejones 

Until then, wishing you so much love, happiness, success and freedom,

Penelope Jane Jones

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