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Discover the Proven Five Step Process to Attracting MORE Paying Clients into Your Business! 

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What you'll learn in this Masterclass:

  • The number one mistake Coaches make and why they FAIL to attract and convert paying clients into their course or program

  • The Five step Process to attracting MORE paying clients into your business

  • The number one secret to setting up your Sales Promotion

  • How to set up a sales page that converts over 25% of your leads

  • How to set up a Lead Magnet that it is a SALES TOOL that creates demand and desire for your paid course or program so that you start earning money!

  • And MORE!


Penelope Jane Jones

This Masterclass will be led by Penelope Jane Jones who has 20+ years of experience in combining mindset, energetic work and strategies for business success. Penelope has worked with best-selling authors, movie producers, CEOs, turning struggling businesses into profitable enterprises. 

Penelope loves helping struggling Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Course Creators accelerate their income growth, achieve their dreams, and live abundantly. In the Masterclass, you'll be able to learn from her experience and expertise to quickly master this five step process to attracting MORE paying clients into your business.

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