Your Business Won't Grow ... UNLESS You invest in Sales and Marketing!

Sales and Marketing is how you EARN money, your signature Course or Services simply RETAINS the money. So if you don't have Sales and Marketing Skills, Strategies and Systems ... You won't grow your business and meet your financial income goals!

Say Yes to Investing in Yourself Today

With Results Like These:


I have the best news - my launch did over 50k over the six week launch! Can you believe it? Of course you can, you made it possible!"


"Celebration time - I've moved dreams to reality with my first paying clients within 7 weeks.Thanks for all your help with Sales Mastery."


"I just QUIT my 9-5pm job!!! I'm going full time in my business and already employed a virtual assistant. Talk about radically scaling my business."

The Reality of Starting Your Own Business...

Starting your own business is both thrilling and such hard work - it's an emotional, mental, spiritual and financial rollercoaster. You go from being super motivated to an hour later feeling like a failure and like it's all too hard. 

All you really want to do is help people ... why is it so hard to set everything up AND get paying clients? 

Well, the reality is this:

Your Coaching Services or Course Do Not Sell Themselves! 

Think about the Coaches you've worked with, the Courses you've been on, the Free Masterclasses you've attended ... have you gone looking for them or have they found you?

Most Coaches and Course Creators believe "Build it and they will come" but in a highly saturated market and when we're asking people to join us to change and transform ... this simple saying just doesn't work for us anymore.

Think about your business so far - how many people have reached out to you and asked for your services and chased to work with you? If you joined my Masterclass, then the odds are pretty unlikely that you've built your business and then people magically appeared wanting to work with you. The reality is, you want and need more paying clients!

But don't worry - the good news it is easy to master the digital skills, strategies, systems, processes and mindset you need to succeed in today's market!

The Right Digital Skills, Strategies, Systems, Processes, and Mindset Also Gives You:

1) You gain more confidence to pitch yourself and your services and ask to be paid what you're worth!

2) You can reach your Ideal Clients in cost effective and measurable ways so you can always be meeting their needs!

3) You can grow your reach and influence quickly to help impact more people's lives. 

4) You know where to spend your time and can STOP the social media burnout cycle.

5) You get to spend MORE time doing the things you love with the people you love.

The Number 1 Mistake Struggling Course Creators Keep Making

When Course Creators aren’t converting paying clients, they overcompensate. They spend all their time creating more and more free content. Or they retreat and spend their time building a future course without testing and validating that people want it. Let alone spending time building the Sales and Marketing plan.

And if you're doing this, you risk delaying  the financial return on investment for your time. You could waste weeks and months of your time and energy ... and see no paying clients sign up for your services or course. 


Don't make the mistake other struggling Coaches and Course Creators make...

Other struggling Coaches and Course Creators recognise that they need Sales and Marketing assistance, and so they might employ a cheap Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant.

But the reality is, you don't need to to invest in growing your social media! You need Sales and Marketing skills! Not to mention that most Social Media Managers aren't usually badass Sales Ninjas, INSTEAD they just want to focus on growing your audience by any means necessary and don't make sure your followers are potential leads. And they don't move leads into prospects let alone understand how to convert them into paid clients.

In fact, until you FACE your social media problem, that problem is never going to go away.

And you will waste more money and time.

Without Sales, Marketing ISN'T effective in growing your income. Focusing on growing your social media without equally focusing on Sales and growing your PAID CLIENTS will lead to a very sad and small bank account.  

And after 20 years of helping businesses grow and become more profitable, it’s as clear and simple as this:

You don't need to grow your social media with people who follow but have no interest in working with you... 

You need to grow your community of prospects, leads and paying clients!

Your business NEEDS the right digital strategies, systems, and processes. You NEED the right Mindset and Energy!

And when you LEARN and MASTER the skills of how to sell yourself, your services and courses ... that's when you see OUTRAGEOUS income in your bank account!

Imagine for a Minute...

That you were a Sales Ninja, confidently able to pitch yourself, your services and signature course, and happily made Sales Calls and through DM and messenger...

That you had a simple Content Strategy that made creating content fun and easy, so you could spend more time on what you love...

That you felt in alignment with your purpose and passion every day...

That you had greater levels of income and felt financially safe and secure...


It's time to STOP dreaming of success... It's time to claim it. To say YES to Mastering Digital Sales and Marketing!

Wanna know what's inside the Digital Income Accelerator Course? 

The Digital Income Accelerator Course runs over fourteen weeks, across seven modules with strategy, systems, processes and mindset built into each of the modules. 


Module One: Align and Clarify

The first step is to detox from the past and any negative or limiting beliefs about yourself, your business and your future. We then make sure you’re aligned with your overall business, your ideal clients/target audience, and that you clarify your signature course, program or offer. 

You'll learn the ADKAR process of change - which is a five step process to support individuals moving through change. It will enable you to understand why people don't change, resist change, and use this psychological understanding to communicate and work with individuals and groups.

We go through all the steps you need, whether this is your first offer or course, or your third, including how to create a beta program, how to ask for testimonials and also how to set up your course to gain the best results for your students including establishing learning outcomes, how people learn and the importance of homework and accountability. 

Module Two: Sales Mastery

Sales can be a triggering word and cause a lot of initial resistance but I promise you can learn to master sales with integrity and with zero sleaze. We start with Sales 101 and Sales Mindset, to release any blocks towards "Sales".

You’ll then the Psychology of Sales and how to use DISC to build rapport and trust with your leads. You'll learn how to pitch yourself, how to do sales calls, how to sell over messenger and DM, and also how to set up sales funnel and sales pages. 

Module Three: Marketing Made Easy

Marketing is all about ROI (Return On Investment) and this module all is about exploring what's the best use of your time and money, and what is the best, most aligned marketing strategy and tactics for you.

You will learn what it truly takes to attract your target audience to you. You will learn how to conduct market research to understand your target audience in a deep and profound way. You will learn how to formulate competitor analysis to then create your Unique Selling Proposition. 

Module Four: Content Creation & Copywriting

Learn how to simplify your content strategy but also to gain better results. Spend less time on content creation and instead repurpose content so that you can spend your time on things that you love and also tasks that make money. Learn Copywriting secrets from Hooks, Titles, Headlines and Subheadings and how to make your copy/content magnetic to your target audience.

Module Five: Generate Traffic and Grow Your Following

Learn how to generate traffic through organic methods and also paid promotion for both Facebook and Instagram. The quickest way to get new customers is via paid digital marketing advertising such as Facebook ads, Google Adwords and LinkedIn Ads. You will learn the best one: Facebook & Instagram ads. This will also help you to grow your following and have a greater impact on the world. 

Module Six: Launch for Success

The global E-learning Market was estimated at 144 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach 374.3 Billion by 2026. So this is the perfect time for you to master the art of launching and selling your signature course!

In this module, you learn and will create your specific Sales and Marketing Plan for your signature course or offer, you will create the Sales Funnel, and you will decide what platform you will use to offer you course or offer. 

It covers the specific testing and validating of the sales and marketing plan before you advertise via Facebook ads. It brings everything you've learnt in this course into action.  

Module Seven: Wealth Activation

This final module will assist you in overcoming any mental, emotional or energetic blocks to earning the income that you want. It covers a wealth activation to go from $0 to your first paying clients, 1K to 5K, 5K to 10K and beyond so you can activate the wealth energy signature that you need. 

What other Coaches charge...

There are not many Coaches offering both the Business Strategy and Mindset work that is covered in this course, the few that are charge between 6K-10K. 

This is a COMPREHENSIVE course that covers everything you need to know in detail and gives you a weekly chance to check in and ask questions!

My LOVE Language is "GIFT-GIVING" and so I have a gift for you when you sign up...

Money Mindset Reset Course

Sign up today and receive INSTANT access my transformative Money Mindset Reset Course. This course will help you clear any scarcity mindset issues, dissolve any fears or lack around money, and help you create an abundance mindset. If you have a negative relationship with money, if you’re currently struggling to pay the bills or worry about money all the time – then this will be critical for you to undertake to transform you relationship with money. If you don’t believe people will pay you for your services, you will NOT earn money as a coach or course creator. This course is fundamental before you begin the Digital Income Accelerator Course.

The Money Mindset Reset Course course is self-paced and worth $297.

So Today You Receive:

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Digital Income Accelerator Course

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Digital Income Accelerator Course

6 payments of $99 USD

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You receive a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like your results at the end of the 30 days, we will give you a non questions asked, full refund of your purchase. That’s how much I believe in this training - simply email [email protected] and all will be arranged.

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