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Digital Income Accelerator 

Want to turbo-charge your business and start attracting more paying clients into your signature course or offer?

Master all the Digital Sales and Marketing skills and Mindset you need to rapidly grow your business!

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Money Mindset Reset Program

Having a healthy relationship with money is the foundations to a successful business. 

Transform your Money Mindset from not having enough, struggling to pay the bills, and debt to abundance!

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One on One Coaching

Need personal coaching to support you through all the stages to success? 

Let me guide you through the stages of setting up your Sales Funnel including editing and proof-reading Sales content and help you with Facebook ads!

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Who is Penelope Jane Jones?

Penelope Jane Jones was born and raised in Victoria, Australia and now resides in the tranquil Mornington Peninsula. For twenty years, Penelope has been helping businesses grow and become more profitable. She now coaches and trains Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers and Course Creators how to rapidly scale their business and increase their income through trainings such as Sales Mastery, Digital Income Accelerator, Money Mindset Reset, and many more business building workshops, masterclasses and courses. 

Penelope believes in the alchemy of the inner work - mindset and neuro-reprogramming - mixed with the outer work - business strategies, systems and processes - to create GOLD and achieve rapid and radical results!

When not work, Penelope can be found creative writing, gardening, painting with watercolours, and spending time having adventures with family and friends!

Your Free Aligned, Abundant and Awesome Business Foundations Course!

Get started today with this FREE five day course to ensure your business is set up for success.

Harness the power of being in alignment with yourself, your purpose and passion to fuel your business including establishing your specific niche, identifying your dream target audience, creating the most aligned product, service, or course, and lastly ensuring your messaging is magnetic and powered by your heart and soul. 

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